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Current Book: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Dates + which chapters we will be discussing:

Caste Meeting 1We will discuss chapters 1-3 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 2We will discuss chapters 4-7 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 3We will discuss chapter 8 and Pillar 3 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 4We will discuss pillars 4-7 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 5We will discuss pillar 8-chapter 12 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 6We will discuss chapters 13-16 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 7We will discuss chapters 17-22 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 8We will discuss chapters 23-26 of Caste.
Caste Meeting 9We will discuss Chapter 27-Epilogue of Caste.
Leeza Kuznetsov
Leeza Kuznetsov

Hi! My name is Leeza Kuznetsov and I am a co-moderator of GovReaders. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My interest in civics stems from my government and politics teachers at school, who showed me the importance of being an active and educated citizen, regardless of whether you want to “go into” politics or not. They proved to me that I have tremendous political efficacy and that I can make a change. I am so grateful to them – but they’d tell me the best way to express this gratitude is to facilitate the change that I want to see in my country. GovReaders is a part of my effort to do exactly that. Follow me on twitter for GovReaders updates!

Faith Cummings
Faith Cummings

Hello everyone! My name is Faith Cummings, and I am a co-moderator of GovReaders. I live in Virginia. Follow me on twitter for GovReaders updates! I live in Northern Virginia. My interest in government stems from my AP Government class, both in school and online, where I had amazing teachers who taught me the importance of being informed and the power my voice has. Social justice work has become a recent passion of mine starting around the time of peak corona as I have found myself having the time to really dive into learning about the inequalities facing our nation today. As I began educating myself, my eyes were opened. I have realized just how privileged I am being able to, up until this point, “stay out of politics” and remain insulated from the blatant and gross injustices plaguing communities. For so many social justice work is necessary to survive, but for others it can be ignored. That disparity and the present injustices break my heart and motivate me to keep learning and using my voice (and ears!!) to fight for change.

Twitter Updates

We use the hashtag #GovReaders on twitter to keep up with our members and to send out important updates quickly, because not everyone will have this website open all the time. Important updates will also be shared here as soon as they’re posted on twitter.